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Place your cursor on the stained glass.

Do not click.

A rainy Wednesday evening in a typical American bar and grill.

The bar known for it's stained glass windows used to house a church.
Now the building's fountains flow with a different sort of spirits.

St George's is the story of rebirth after tragedy. Told in narration and song lyric, the story follows the evening's events.

Come on in, the night is young but your time is growing short...

Every life has a story to tell if you know how to listen...

Close your ears, listen with your heart.

In the solitude of silence you may hear your soul rejoice.

On each song, hold your mouse cursor over the window sections.

Do not click.

Some mouseovers change only one image, some change several.

With a 28.8 modem, there will be a momentary lag as the new image loads.

St George's Cathedral, Bar & Grill

  1. St George’s  2. Waiting For Jeremy  3. The Burning Inside
  4. A Rock Of Ages  5. Just As I Am  6. I Said I Still Love You / I Loved You
  7. Separately Together  8. A Granddaughter’s Wedding  9. Hello... / Just A Little Taste Of Rainbow
10. The World To Know11. Ivy On Their Wall12. Mid-Life Crisis
13. Boy Amongst Men14. The Lady15. The Train
16. Sweet Sixteen17. Pickled Pink18. Sharing Her
19. An Epistle From Mary20. Just Because You Love Me21. Elvis In The Mirror
22. One If By Band, Two If...23. Revival24. Jenny Anything
25. Jukebox Of You26. St Peter Calling27. Ivy On Their Wall (Reprise)
28. Sacrificial Lamb29. Lily In God’s Great Valley30. An Amazing Grace
31. His Love Did32. Rolling Thunder33. His Love

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You have permission to read the song lyrics, but you may not perform any interpretation of this material.