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Lily In God's Great Valley

Lily In God's Great Valley

Lily In God's Great Valley

I am mad. Angered by my inability to stop the insanity that caused her death. Irate because of Charlie clinging unconciously to life for three days.

The bar has remained open but we've lost our spark. People are talking about the accident. They've started blaming me for serving him, Gail for leaving him, and the police for not getting him off the road.

My customers are still drinking, but no one is having a good time.

Jenny's funeral is this afternoon. Bob and Brad have prepared a song.

Father Donald has graciously volunteered to lead Jenny's services. Although she wasn't a member of his church, he has offered his time.

Time. The intangible factor that rules all.

The living never have enough and don't use their allocation wisely.

The dead have no use for an eternity.

I'll return to the hospital to be with Ruth after the services. She needs a supporting hand.

An Amazing Grace

I felt the weight of the world pressing down on my shoulder
As they laid her in that grave, left my heart underneath itís earth
But thereís a moment of joy in my soul and I stop and linger
Oíer one lily in Godís great valley, planted deep to protect itís worth

I feel the touch of her hand in the glow of the morning sunrise,
The caress of her lips with the kiss of the dawning dew
I feel the warmth of her love as the sun rises into the morning sky
And my lily in Godís great valley, grows on the hope of life renewed


There is a lily in Godís great valley
Divinely planted in hallowed earth
It doesnít need mortal tending
He has guarded it from birth

And my lily in Godís great valley
Testifying for the world to see
His love grown in my darkest hour
Everlasting life for my lily and me

end chorus

As I look oíer the sea of lilies, tranquil grown in Godís great valley
Each blossom planted in loving memory, each one watered by endless tears
The Son of God nurtures and tends each fragile lily
And my lily in Godís great valley, grows an eternity with no fears

I feel the power of God in blossoms that cover her graveside
I feel rhapsody sublime when my lily now enters full bloom
I feel His rapturous love as my flower turns to meet the sunrise
Because my lily in Godís great valley, grows now for Him oíer her empty tomb


Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions