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The Train

The Train

The Train

The two of them might make a great pair. Debbie isn't as strong willed as Gail.

Debbie puts up a good front, mind you, but she needs a man around. I can see through all her bluffs. Gail doesn't need anyone but Gail.

Jerry? Jerry needs someone to take care of him. Gail always resented him for expressing his needs. She wanted him to be more self reliant.

Say what you want, but some men are naturally vulnerable. Jerry loves Gail, she just is smothered by his love. Too bad Debbie hadn't met him first. Maybe they wouldn't both be miserable tonight.

Clyde Schneider has just strolled in. He's a vice president at the First Federal Bank. He's also one self righteous man.

I won't let him smoke his cigars in my bar and he resents it. I threw him out the first time he lit his stogie in St George's. He tried to foreclose on the bar to get back at me.

I have to say, there's no secrets in a small town. Some of the women in town talk. I listen. I know enough to keep this wolf at bay. He isn't wrapped around my finger so much as he's wrapped in guilt.

There has to be a reason why his daughter, Rachel, had to take the ninth grade twice. She's too smart to fail.

I don't trust him.

He'll order a drink from me, but he knows better than to sit at my bar.

Sweet Sixteen

Debbie tamps out her final cigarette
Caught on board a train of thought circling round regret
With another bitter pill, she gives up her free will
Content to sleep as the world floats by

Long ago she felt her heart grow numb
A single band of gold had trapped her under his thumb
Rumbling forward through swirling skies
Debbie searches for the end of the line


A train of thought on tracks that only circle ‘round
Arriving nowhere faster than the speed of sound
Through lonely nights together nowhere bound
Broken hearts on a thoughtless train

The next crossing could derail the train
Still circling round and round and back again
Never moving forward, never knowing why
Broken lives on a thoughtless train

end chorus

Jerry has the life he always dreamed about
He married young and quickly settled down
Fathered two kids to make his parents proud
They fathered bills he can't get around

In a mental corner he hides the train
A box of thought fragments builds the track again
The boy inside him longs for the ride,
The man searches for the end of the line


Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions