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The Burning Inside

The Burning Inside

The Burning Inside

Magnolia is one fiery lady. She comes on strong and doesn't worry about who sees it.

I guess you could pass it off to honesty. In this town, you don't need to tell the neighbors what you're up to, they already know.

Magnolia is comfortable with her well earned reputation. Paul is oblivious to the stares. They'll never admit it, but his friends are all jealous of him. She's ninety-eight pounds of pure dynamite and tonight, he has lit the fuse.

Jerry and Gail drive up in separate vehicles right after six. Jerry dreams of the great outdoors, but somehow he can't get outside of Gail's control. I don't know how they've managed to stay together all these years.

A Rock Of Ages


Look into my eyes, theyíll lead you straight to my soul
See the blazing heart that aches for you to take control
The heart of the fiery woman who holds you close tonight
Look into my eyes, feel the burning inside...

Look into my heart, thereís no feelings to hide
Purified by the flames of love, sanctified in fire divine
Iíll melt your inhibitions as your fervent eyes meet mine
Look into my heart, feel the burning inside...

end chorus

You donít see the pain, but my desires are real
Standing here beside you, thereís a magic heat I feel
I canít wait a minute longer, now I have to let you know
I may not say ďI love youĒ but Iíll never let you go

You donít have to know the reason Iím holding you so near
Pinned against the walls of loveís ashes she left here
You canít scale my barricade, these two arms will be your cell
Burning in this cavalcade a heart Ďn soul that you know well

repeat chorus

You donít have to speak, you canít turn your face away
Or even try to answer if you donít know what to say
Just for this night and this lone kiss, weíll watch the inferno grow
I may not be the one you love, but who would ever know

A dose of pure temptation ignited by the heavenly flames of hell
Burning deep inside my aching heart, Iím captured in your spell
You donít have to be defensive, if thereís no conflagration here
Iíll stoke those dying embers til your heart glows crystal clear



Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions