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Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Clyde left Charlotte back in the eighties. He married Mary after she left Bob. They raised Rachel together.

Mary likes to keep her nose in other people's business because she cannot face her own reality. She doesn't try to control Clyde. She just lets him have his space, content to inflict her spew on others. A subtle cringe will excite her.

I could feel pity for her, but the one I really feel sorry for is Rachel. She is such a pretty little girl. She's just so quiet and shy around men. She barely can muster a muted "hello" if I pass her on the street.

She does respond to Jenny Nething though. They seem to have a common bond linking and strengthening their friendship.

I saw them together in the park and it was like an ethereal transformation. Rachel was smiling, laughing like I had never seen. There was none of the tension I sense when I speak to her.

Jenny could be instrumental in transforming Rachel's cocoon into a radiant butterfly.

Jerry is now pushing past the limits of sobriety. He's eaten six pickled eggs and I'm worried that he'll become ill if he drinks much more.

A man can only stand so much strain on top of stress and strife.

Pickled Pink

Daddy’s little princess just turned sweet sixteen
She could be a teenage fantasy
Oh, but princess hides a pain she
Can’t get out of her mind

Momma never questions dad’s lingerings
Says “Be quiet girl” as she takes a drink
“Let well enough alone...”
“Better off her with him than me...”


And the screams of rage
Echo long through the silence of the night
Dad’s little girl is caught in his hellish paradise
No one hears the anguish,
No one heals the pain
There is no knight in armor... and he’s back again

She’s learned to fear the night...
It’s useless to resist it
She’s too afraid to fight...
It’s still daddy isn’t it...

Sweet sixteen...
Waiting for the night to die...

end chorus

He loves his wife and his community
Upstanding man of great morality
The family secret, who’d believe anyway
Deny the guilt but the night must follow the day

Break of dawn she’s all alone
Feels so guilty, lost, and so withdrawn
A slice of life beyond nightmare’s dream
Cries inside “what the hell is wrong with me?”


Don’t you hide beneath your covers
There are so many others
When you need them they will help you
You can win, don’t be afraid to

Sweet sixteen, don’t let
Sorrow take your life...

Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions