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One If By Band... Two If By Me...

One If By Band...
Two If By Me...

One If By Band, Two If By Me

Bob's chat seems to have done Charlotte some good. She's calmed back down and Millie has served them both a second round of drinks. What's Bob drinking? That's only a non alcohol wine cooler. Maybe it's not soda pop, but it sure ain't whiskey.

Funny though, Charlotte ordered the same thing. First time she ever tried one, that I can recollect.

Father Donald from the other St. George's comes in at midnight. He looks devastated... Says there's been an accident over on Trowbridge Road...



One drink if by band, two if by me...
Don’t try and say "It means nothing to me"
One drink if by band two if by me...
The night grows as cold as the stone in your ring
Are you going down with him, are you rising up with me

end chorus

Walking the night, seeking light in the darkness
Searching salvation when none I did see
I spotted a girl, a beautiful lady
In the back of the barroom crying over a drink

I asked to sit down, started to talking...
About her failed marriage, talked as if husband and wife
I listened to her though I had few answers
To the questions about life, or her husband’s demands


She cried and she said, “My husband is trouble.
He’s a pawn of the devil, and he scares to death...
He torments my soul, he tortures the family...
He’s touching my baby in spite of himself...”

We talked through the night, she confessed till morning
At the sound of last call, wasn’t sure where we’d be
I asked her to tell, give me a kind warning
Are you goin’ down with him or risin’ up with me


Do you feel tonight, that you’re needing a savior
Someone to rescue you from the eternal brink
Someone to be there when no other can save you
Someone with answers to get you back in the pink

I listened to her pain, her grief, and her sorrow
Recommended the altar instead of the bar...
"Seek the guidance of the Man waiting in Heaven
And the help of the One found upon Calvary’s Hill..."

Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions