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Sharing Her

Sharing Her

Sharing Her

Brad has one eye on the clock, the other on Tina. He seems so forlorn, biting into his roast beef sandwich as though it were his last meal.

No, I don't really understand how Tina can be at peace with herself.

I had to deal with my own code of ethics when I considered taking Millie as my wife. Betty has been gone for fifteen years, yet she remains near me and I feel her guiding presence.

Brad is sitting next to both Tina and Markus. He cannot be blind to what the rest of the room sees.

At ten Paul walks in without Magnolia. As the thunder rolls loudly overhead, he tells me Sue has confronted him with a long letter from Mary. He says the letter outlined his last two affairs, missing only the single one night stand with Judy.

In the lightning's flash streaking through the stained glass, he looks like a man shaken of all confidence.

I ask about Magnolia only to hear a quiet, "She's home tonight. That's where I should be too."

The lights flicker momentarily as I ponder which home he was wishing to be in. But since he was here in the bar...

An Epistle From Mary


Shes back in his arms tonight...
And hes taking the woman that used to give her love only to me
Shes touching his soul tonight...
In a place that she once called mine, reserved special for me
Shes giving herself tonight...
I pay the final price of not being bodily whole
Shes touching his heart and his soul...
Hes taking control...

end chorus

A hope of salvation sent oer the loss of his wife
The price of my compassion the truest love of my life


He fills my womans needs in ways I no longer can supply
Breaking down the barricades wedding vows are compromised

Nightly... in front of me
But they dont notice how much I see...


With the touch of a hand, with his gentle caress
Ive been silent much too long, cant stand the pain of their kiss


The steam of their passion melts the ice from our bed
Burning fires in the night sending soaring flames through my head

As sad as it seems...
He knows I cant give her what she needs


Shes back in his arms tonight the only lover Ive ever known
No longer known only by me


I cant be the man she needs

end spoken

The ladys necessities I can understand
I cannot compromise them and I cannot be the man
Who can take her through a night of wedded mysteries again...

I must let it be...
But sharing her is slaying me...


repeat chorus

Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions