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Elvis In The Mirror

Elvis In The Mirror

Elvis In The Mirror

Jerry runs through the bar still moaning about seeing visions of Elvis everywhere he looks. I doubt that he'll get very far in the condition he's in.

Moments later, we're all surprised as he revs and roars his pick-up off the lot.

It's just after eleven when Clyde leaves the bar. Bob approaches Charlotte and asks to join her. He noted her distress over Clyde and Mary.

I know from the girltalk that I overhear that he's already spoken with Sue.

One If By Band, Two If By Me

Been sittin’ here tryin’ to drink all my troubles away
Yeah, I oughta get on home, but I know what my ole lady’ll say
So I’ll drain another round and start a bloodshot honeymoon
And the day I sober up again we’ll have snow knee deep in June

I started seein’ double six beers and a twelve pack ago
Got to feelin’ better still, once the liquor began to flow
And I ain’t so sure no more ‘bout this red-eyed rendezvous
But, hey look over yonder at who just walked in the room


I see Elvis in the mirror, he just walked right through the wall
Jesus and the devil turning two steps in the dancehall
Tubb’s on the jukebox, gonna waltz cross Texas all night
Hank and Lefty guide my hand, get the bottle to my mouth tonight

end chorus

Drain another bottle down and start howling at the moon
Fight my way to freedom with the bottle and the spoon
Gotta go home sometime or find somebody new
And then I find the one I just met has chains that bind her too

Been married for forever, a leaded weight on my hand
Bindin’ me to someone I no longer know or understand
There ain’t no love left anymore, there ain’t no easy way out
‘Cept by the bottle just as long as I can get it back to my mouth


Elvis in the mirror...
Elvis in the mirror...
Elvis in the mirror...
Hey bartender, get your act over here
And get ready to pour...

repeat chorus

Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions