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Sacrificial Lamb

Sacrificial Lamb

Sacrificial Lamb

Jerry has been left alone in the confines of his cell. He has not been allowed visitors with the exception of his attourney.

Try as he might, he cannot remember the accident, but deep inside, he knows he did not cause the death of Jenny.

On the drive back to the bar, I notice for the first time just how tired I have grown. Tired of the noise, tired of the fights, tired of the drunks. Nothing makes sense since the accident. Jenny was too young to die. Charlie should not be in a hospital fighting for life.

The price of fun shouldn't cost so dearly.

Lily In God's Great Valley


Sacrificial lamb, a soul to frame
In trepidation I receive the blame
“Father forgive them, they know not what they do”
Sacrifice the lamb for the chosen few

The respected folk of this ribald town
A verdict of blood handed down
Judged not tried, condemned to die
Listen to reason, let me testify

end chorus

Jesus wept as he slowly died
At the cross on Calvary’s hillside
With no forgiveness, avenge they claimed
The Messiah slaughtered for a world of shame

Those callused hearts lay the fault on me
But I know nothing of that tragedy
A sacrifice for the town to make
The blood of the lamb, my life at stake


Pilot washed his hands that fateful night
They wouldn’t come clean, after Jesus died
I know that guilt though my hands are clean
I know the truth and what it's message means

In the middle of that rainy night
I saw a wagon and the flash of lights
But I saw nothing that could justify
This innocent man should have to die


Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions