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An Epistle From Mary

An Epistle From Mary

An Epistle From Mary

Mary's letter to Sue spelled out Paul's infidelities, but provided no solutions. It's an ugly situation... one Mary is astute at arranging.

Sue knew the marriage had problems and the girls say she's been seeing a marriage counselor. Thanks to Mary's less than divine intervention, she'll have no choice but to confront Paul with a threat of divorce.

Mary sits in the back of the bar, grinning in self contentment as she watches a nervous Paul nursing his drink.

She doesn't seem to notice Clyde, merely inches beyond her nose.

Some things never change. She notices other women's husbands but pays no mind to her own. That's how she lost Bob all those years ago.

She hasn't even noticed Bob's here tonight. Probably not much to say...

Charlie excuses himself to Ruth. Jenny Nething is ready to call it an evening and he has volunteered to drive her home.

She has to report to the school at nine tomorrow morning. If all goes well, she can enroll in adult education classes. She's a determined lady and wants to earn her GED.

Clyde's had one too many drinks and strolls over to Charlotte's table. They've been divorced for twelve years and she wants no part of him. From where I stand, I can see genuine pain in her eyes. He has cornered her and she cannot walk away without stirring painful old memories.

She still loves Clyde. She always did.

But that doesn't mean that his attentions are welcomed.

Just Because You Love Me

An epistle from Mary
Mailed with veiled intent
Said “Thought you oughta know...
‘Bout the way your husband’s time is spent

There’s a bar he’s said to close
And a girl he hangs around
I just thought you oughta know...
I’ve seen them myself downtown...”


An Epistle from Mary :
“Trying to be a friend,
Gotta stop it before they go too far
Before your marriage comes to an end

Paul’s been seen with Magnolia Brown
At a motel just south of town
Now, I wasn’t there but I can just suppose
What must have been going down”

end chorus

Mary enclosed her kind regards and she
Mailed the letter to Sue
Knowing it would break a heart and
Family home in two

Mary smiled and felt satisfied
But Mary never had a clue
Still a house but no longer a home
Sue had seen the wall’s writing too

repeat chorus

Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions