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Just Because You Love Me

Just Because You Love Me

Just Because You Love Me

Charlotte looks so sad. She never wanted to lose Clyde. But Mary schemed to unweave Charlotte's web. Once she got Clyde, she no longer wanted him. Having him didn't provide the same thrills as the conquest.

Charlotte was more pained to lose custody of Rachel. She couldn't have supported them both and the judge knew it. Mary played the role of doting step mother in public but she never learned to love Rachel. Clyde? I don't know that he can love anything besides money. He certainly doesn't love Rachel. You never see them out together.

Jerry runs from the gent's room pale and screaming at the top of his lungs! His eyes are bloodshot and his sweat soaked shirt is torn down the front.

He had been going repeatedly after I cut him off beer and put him onto soda water. Now though, he's running through the bar delirious and screaming about visions of Elvis...

Elvis In The Mirror

I know you didnít crawl back home to my
Loving waiting arms again
Only just because you love me
And just because you care

Youíve got a reason why youíre back tonight
Wanting me to just let you come in
And it isnít cause your love is true
Ainít something that you want to do


But you never did just once love me
The way that I
Wanted you to do
You never said that you loved me
Just because you love me

And you never wanted life to be
The way that I
Hoped Ďn prayed it would be
You never said you loved me
Really just because you love me

end chorus

I hope you didnít come back to me tonight
With that same ole worn out lie
And say you found what loviní means
Cause youíre a brand new guy

Youíve come Ďround again for the thing
Youíve always known I could give
A loviní blanket of security
To cover up your infidelity


Itís better to live without a man
If thatís all your loviní means
I only wanted you to love me
Just once really care

I know better than to have you stay tonight
Iíd wind up out of my mind
And itís just because I love you
But that isnít what Iím gonna do


Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions