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I Said I Still Loved You

I Said I Still Love You

I Said I Still Loved You

Gail dishes her opinions with finger pointed. I think this time, she might leave him for good. I've thought many times that they were splitting up only to have them cry in their beer and start the cycle all over.

I suppose they deserve each other.

The door slams as Gail storms out. She squeals tires on her way off the lot.

At least now Jerry's surrounded by quiet.

He'll enjoy that as much as I will.

Jerry silently wipes his eyes.

He stares at the newly closed door.

I Loved You


If you listened to the promises
The words I have said
You’d have heard grand alibies,
Lies that I have spread
You’d have heard the dreams I told you
But not the dreams within my head
I said “I still love you” and “I’m sorry”
But all I really meant to say
“Love, I still feel sorry for you...”

end chorus

No, I have no hidden meaning
And it’s really no one’s fault
You’ve got to have a tough heart
To stand the daily breaking of it all

And I can’t play this same charade
With my back against the wall
Won’t bare my soul or masquerade
The final verdict, our last call


I don’t understand my choices and
Why my soul bared so easily
I only know I wished I’d never
Committed time to this hopeless travesty

And you can best believe that I
Will find an honest love affair
With the truest love you can’t buy
And with a dream you’ll never share


Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions