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Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-Life Crisis

Jerry's becoming introspective. At least, he's being as introspective as his mind will allow with all he's has to drink. He blames Gail for all his problems, even if he allowed her to create them in the first place. A man has to put his foot down some time. Still, he won't stand on his own two feet.

Right now, I don't think he could.

He's eaten both the eggs...
a couple more won't hurt.

"Well hello, Debbie! My, you're looking good, sweetheart. What can I get you tonight? A man? No, you know I only serve drinks... What about Paul? I know, I know, that was low... One martini straight up in a just a sec!"

Debbie heads to the back of the bar. She's spotted Magnolia and Paul...

Luckily for them, they are surrounded by friends.

Boy Amongst Men

Sinkin’ in the sands of a
Mid-life crisis
Buried to my ears still
Downward bound

Tickin’ to the tockin’ of an
Alarming lifetime
And this time the spring’s
Windin’ on down

Standin’ in the shadows ‘neath a
Swirlin’ sky
Stormin’ thunderclouds keep a
Rollin’ round

Nightly fight to stay alive
Lord, let me hope to cope
With the mid-life crisis of my wife

She’s got me squeezed
Tight between her needs
Ounce of whiskey chasin’ freedom
On the side

Drownin’ in the bottom
Of an empty glass
Throat’s parched, I musta’
Drank it dry

Takin’ what she’s a givin’
This ain’t really livin’
Bottle rubbed raw, no gennie savin’
Me tonight

Nightly fight to stay alive
Lord, let me hope to cope
With the mid-life crisis of my wife

Now, you might think I’m crazy
For what I put up with here
You might think I’d be better off dead
Drowned in the crisis in her head

Go on think I’m crazy
If that’s what you gotta do...

But you won’t think it very long,
You’ll face a mid-life of your own
Whiskey sympathy chasin’
Sanity in cold beer

Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions