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Act I (Purformed in Americun!)

Original Les Misérables By Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg
Original Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer

This non commercial interpretation and all lyrics in satire and parody

© 2003 by William P Cary

Act I - Part 2

City Emerald Green

Darla Cosette is working as a drudge for Porky and Buckwheat at their Klubhouse. She keeps her mind off the dullness of the housekeeping by singing softly to herself. She daydreams of a colorful place, far beyond the moon, over the stars... She dreams of being beyond the rainbows of her dreary life.

Darla Cosette
There is a city emerald green,
I like to dream of while I sweep,
No one is blue, no one is mean
Not in my city emerald green.

There is a lady in dazzling white,
Gives me red shoes that sparkle bright,
She's nice to me but it's kind of wierd,
She says "Darla Cosette, there's no place like here!"

I know a place of abundant quirks,
I know a place without cruel jerks,
And in this place, though it sounds absurd,
They laugh the day away without harsh words.

There is a city emerald green,
I've many friends that gather nigh
Hidden amid the poppy fields
From lions, tigers, bears... oh my!

Darla Cosette grabs an ancient straw broom and starts sweeping with renewed vigor.

Darla Cosette
Oh help! I think I hear them now,
I'm nowhere near finished vacuuming the dishes
And boiling the clothes. I haven't even begun bleaching the mush! Oh, woe is me!
Oh, it's him! It's Porky!
Porky - The Gatekeeper
Now 'ook who's 'ere!
The wittle wady herthelf!
Pwetending once agin' she keeps on wollin' awong,
Ten wousy pennies your thisthta thends me
What is that going to buy?
Not even a bag of mawbleth
Not even a cat's eye
Now tote that barge
Wift that bail
Get a wittle dwunk, you wand in our jail!

We should never have taken you in in the first place
Seems wike Buckwheat and I can ownwe say O-Tay!
Like mother like daughter, the star of the scween. Hah!
Eponine, come my dear, Shirley Eponine, wet me see you
You look vewy sweet in that new wittle bwue hat

Stiww thewe Darwa Cosette?
Don't cwy, it won't helwp.
I told you fetch some wada fwom the weww in the woowd!

Darla Cosette
Please do not send me out alone
Not out, out, out in the cold!
Oh, woe is me... Woe is me!
Buckwheat -
The Injineer

Enough of 'dat, Darla Cosette. I'll forget to be nice!
You heard me ask,
Does I ever ask twice?
Well, does I?

Shirley Eponine pushes Darla Cosette outside. Buckwheat says good night to her as the Klubhouse fills up for the evening. Spanky's men are dragging themselves into the Klubhouse. It's been a hard day, spent either running from or gathering marbles for Butch.

Conductor of the House

Buckwheat greets a new customer with a pleasing smile.

Buckwheat -
The Injineer

Howdy, partners!
Sit yourself down
And meet the best
Injineer in town
As for the rest,
None of 'em gots brains
Walkin' the tracks
Not ridin' the trains
Seldom do you see
Honest guys like me
A gent of good intent
Who's content to be

Conductor of the house
And the Injineer
I'se a takin' tickets
'fore you takes your seat
Tells a military tale
Makes a sailor smile
Salutes the uniform, goes the extra mile
Glad to do a cop a favor
Never know when you'll need a friend
But nothing is for nothing
Butch will overtake us in the end!

Conductor of the house
Keeper of the zoo
Ready to relieve 'em
Of a cent or two
Keep the gang full of crackers
Then sell 'em each a drink
You might say it's mean
But they all say Please,
Can I have a glass of water?
A frosty one would be nice!

I do whatever pleases
Cheeze! I gotta buy a lot of ice!

Buckwheat & The Drinkers
Conductor of the house
Never bats an eye
Never wants a thirsty guy
To pass him by
Spiggot to the poor
Faucet to the great
Fountain head, mountain spring,
And Polly's mate!
Everybody's saltine companion
Everybody's artesian pal
Porky -
The Gatekeeper

But set aside two pennies
I chawges for the baffwoom now!

To another new customer as he buys a glass of ice water

Buckwheat -
The Injineer

Enter my friend
Please take a seat
Have a few crackers
They're a real taste treat

This salt is the worst
It brings such a curse
But here we strive
To quench your thirst
Here the water's cool
Here's a glass of ice
And nothing's overcharged
Man, this stuff is nice!

Water here to drink
Water here to swim
But add a threat of soap
And that's all for him!
Water in a cup
Water in a flask
Water, water everywhere
At five cents a glass

You know you would be more than welcome
If you want to bring your own
Tea bag and lemon
But you leave the sugar cubes at home

Charge 'em for crushed ice
Extra for block price
Two percent for cracker rinse, they'll pay any price
Here a little taste
There a little brine
Have another saltine guys, ya know it's dinner time
When it comes to creating markets
There are a lot of tricks he knows
Bottled up in that simple H2O
Engineering all those crumbs and pieces
Buckwheat! It's amazing how it grows!

Porky - The Gatekeeper
I used to dweam
That I would be a mawble pwince
But thanks to Butch,
Have you seen what's happened since?
Conductor of the house?
Is this what he calls his
Gold digger, water boy
- cheesey cwackew whiz!
Buckwheat's got a bwain
Hidden unda all dat hair...
At first I didn't understand
Thought thewe's not much thewe
What a wicked twist of natuwe
Thwee mawbles gets you in this Klubhouse
Listen to the masta, eat anutha cwacka'
Too bad there's no fwee wada in the house
Buckwheat & The Drinkers
Conductor of the house!
Porky - The Gatekeeper
Conductor!? Whewe's my half?
Buckwheat & Drinkers
Fountain head, mountain spring...
Porky - The Gatekeeper
Gold digger, water boy... don't make me laugh!
Buckwheat & The Drinkers
Spiggot to the poor. Faucet to the great.
Porky - The Gatekeeper
Buckwheat where's my mawbles, when do I get paid?
Buckwheat & Drinkers
Everybody eat your crackers!
Everybody drink your fill!
Everybody raise an empty cup!
Porky - The Gatekeeper
For just three more I'll fill it back up!
The Whole Klub
Everybody raise a glass to the bathroom of the house!
Porky - The Gatekeeper
Two cents each, pwease!


The Bargain

Alfalfa Valjean and Darla Cosette, hand-in-hand, approach the now empty inn, singing. They arrive at the inn. The sight is deceptively calm and serene.

Alfalfa Valjean
I found her wandering outside the Klub
This little child, I found her trembling in the darkness
And I am here to help Darla Cosette
And I will settle any debt you may think proper
I will pay the marbles I must pay
To take Darla Cosette away.
There is a duty I must heed,
A promise to get her on the stage
She will star upon the screen
I didn't see what obstacles stood before me
Now her sister tired, retired, expired
Mary Ann Fantine onstage nevermore
And I speak here with her voice
And I stand here in her place
And from this day and evermore
Porky -
The Gatekeeper

Wet me take youwe coat, Albalba!
Alfalfa Valjean

Darla Cosette shall live in my protection

Buckwheat -
The Injineer

You are very welcome here
I'll take those mawbles now...
And how!

Buckwheat's Waltz of Treachery

Buckwheat -
The Injineer

Whadda I do? Whadda I say?
Is you gonna take our hired help away?
What a break, a chance at a stars!
She'll be on the stage while I wash the cars...
How can we speak of debt?
Let's not haggle for Darla Cosette!

Mary Ann Fantine, gone to rest...
Have we treated her sister the best?
Shared our Klub. Gave her Petie's bone.
Treated her like she's one of our own!
Like our own, Albalba!

Alfalfa Valjean
Your feelings do you credit, Buckwheat
And I will ease the parting tears with this bag of marbles

Let us not talk of marbles or bones or stage and screen
Now, may I say, we are agreed?

Porky :
The Gatekeeper

That handfuw would do da twick
If she hadn't so off'n been sick
Wittle Dawwa, tho much mithed wouk
We had to hire a wepwacement cwewk
We did juthst what we had ta do
It's no more than what's etspected of you!

Alfalfa swallows a huge lump and his eyes widen. He realizes the gravity of his situation as he bends over backwards at Buckwheat's and Porky's approach. He falls to the floor, landing flat on his back as they continue.

Buckwheat & Porky
One thing more, if you please
Darla Cosette, we're down on our knees
Have a drink... stop and think...
Without you, pwoductivity stinks...
Alfalfa Valjean
Shut your yaps. Here's your price.
One bag each for your sacrifice.
Darla Cosette, now bid your adieus
I've made them an offer, they cannot refuse
Thank you both for Darla Cosette
It won't take you too long to forget.

Alfalfa Valjean and Darla Cosette leave the Klubhouse together.

Look Down

September 1939. The teeming, squalid streets downtown. Orphans, urchins, thugs, has-beens, etc. The world revolves around this geographic center, the once beautiful downtown Burbank.

Butch's territory now covers the entire city. The gang's economy now is based upon the glass marble. The Cat's Eye $hooter has suplimented the dollar.

Look down and see the orphans at your feet
Look down and see your childish fears retreat
Look down and see
The garbage of the land
Look down, look down,
No marbles in your hand!
Waldo Gavroche
Wellsir, how do you do? My name's Waldo Gavroche.
These are my people. Here's my crest.
Not much to look at, say, b'gosh
But we're always found in our Sunday best.
This is my school, here I have first propriety
We're walking the planks of old Burbank
We survive the trickle down of society
Marbles ain't cheap, don't grow on trees!
Think you're poor?
Think you're free?
Follow me! Follow me!
Look down and show compassion if you can
Look down, look down, no marbles in the land...

An old gang member finds a young rascal occupying his stoop.

Old Joe
Where do ya think you are?
You can't hang 'round here.
If you're new around here,
You've got a marble for a brain!
Listen you old slob...
Crazy looney hog...
'Least I earn my marbles
And I get more than you do now!
Old Joe
I know where you work!
Get 'em any way you can!
Raise your fist in anger
Swear you'll never be poor again.
Spanky Enjolras
Leave the poor old cow,
Move it on along Mary.
He used to be a rascal
Till age removed him from the gang.
When's it gonna end?
When we gonna live?
Something's gotta happen now or
Something's gonna give
Butch'll come, Butch'll come, yeah, he'll come
Butch'll come, Butch'll come, yeah, he'll come
Breezy Joly
Where the leaders of the land?
Where are the adults who run this show? Hey... well, where is they? Well, heck, I don't see 'em.
Jackie Marius
Only one mug, that's Spanky
Speaks for these people here below.
See no marbles in our hand
Butch is all to blame
Something for a day of work
Got no money to our name
Jackie Marius
Butch's power is fading fast!
Won't last the week out, so they say.
Breezy Joly
With all the marbles of the land
How long before the final day?
Before we cut Butch's gang down to size?
Before the barricades arise?

Butch walks the streets of beautiful downtown Burbank by night. He contemplates his quest for marbles. Anger builds in his heart and sends him into madness. His emotions spew forth in fits of rage, moderated only by the exceptional scene far above his head. There, under the twinkling lights, the stars in the sky, Butch finds his inner peace. He realizes his life's purpose. Alfalfa must be found! Alfalfa must pay...


Butch Javert
There, out in the darkness
Alfalfa is running
His mug I'll break
His mug I'll break
Woim, be my witness
Yeah, I'll find that mug
And I'll bash in his face
Yeah, I'll bash in his face

He often wears a disguise
A mustache to baffle my eyes
And clothes that add to his weight and his height
To complete his lie
And if I find
Alfalfa I'll bash
His nose
His mouth!

In heavens up above
Just one wish to be granted
To know my purpose, for it I could love
Woim is my sentinel
Silent and sure
Keeping watch in the night
Find Alfalfa tonight

I know my place in the game
I hold my course and my aim
And each marble gives reason
As it turns and it turns
And it's always the same
And if more fall as Alfalfa fell
Butch is the blame!

And so it must be and it has been written
On the playgrounds and the sandlots
That those who falter and those who fall
Must pay Butch's price!

Woim, go now and find him
Bring him, now scram
Get this mug, bring me this ham
I will never rest
Till then
This I swear
This I swear by the stars!

Spanky's Klubhouse - Black and Blue

Spanky's Klubhouse, where the gang meet to discuss their revolutionary plans. How to stop Butch and his thugs from extorting marbles from the gang is the topic of the day.

At Spanky's Klub the guys are prepared!
He Man Women Haters strains at the leash!
Students, victims, everyone
There's no marbles in our fun
Butch now owns them, every one
There is none left to go buy!
Spanky Enjolras
The time is near
So near I'm pacing a hole in the floor!
And yet beware
Don't let the fear of Butch come through the door!
For Butch's army is a dangerous foe
With the mugs and the thugs that we never can match
It is easy to sit here and swat 'em like flies
But the Butch's guards will be harder to catch.
We need a sign
To rally the kids
To call them to arms
To bring them in line!

Jackie Marius enters. He carries a huge placard proclaiming :

Unkle Spanky Wants You! Fight Butch's Oppreshun!
Keep all yer marbles fer yerself.

Spanky Enjolras
Jackie Marius, you're late.
Breezy Joly
What's wrong today?
You look paler'n a ghost.
Old Joe
Have some water. Say now, what's going on?
Jackie Marius
A ghost you say... a ghost maybe
Butch just scared the pants off me
One minute there, and now my marbles are gone!
Old Joe
I am agog!
I am aghast!
Is Jackie Marius a coward at last?
I've never heard him complain just so...
You talk of battles to be won
He comes in like Costello
Quivering like cold jello!
Spanky Enjolras
It is time for us all
To decide who we are
Do we fight for the right
To each game of marbles now?
Have you asked of yourselves
What's the price you might pay?
Is it simply a game
For Butch and his gang to take away?
The color of the world
Is changing day by day...
All Black - our eyes from Butch's men!
Blue - the welts of bruises past!
Red - blood war about to start!
Gold - the loot that Butch has took!
Jackie Marius
Had you been there tonight
You might know how it feels
To be struck on the head
In a moment of bully's delight!
Had you been there tonight
You might also have known
How our world may be changed
In just one burst of fight!
And what was mine seemed his
And what was mine was gone!
Old Joe
Jackie Marius
My marbles stole tonight!
Old Joe
Jackie Marius
My world is not so safe!
Jackie Marius
The color of sweet fire!
Jackie Marius
Set fire to his lair!
Spanky Enjolras
Jackie Marius, you're no longer a child
I know that you mean it well
But now there is a higher call.
What matters about this single roll?
We strive toward a larger goal
Lost marbles now don't count at all!
All Black - our eyes from Butch's men!
Blue - the welts of bruises past!
Red - blood war about to start!
Gold - the night that Butch is stopped!
Spanky Enjolras
Well, Scotty, do we have weapons?
Wheezer, Breezy, our time is running short.
Harry, get the cannon out!
Do we have the slingshots we need?
Old Joe
Give me limberger on my breath
And I'll breathe them all to death!
Buckwheat and Porky, they'll be with us today!
But Butch's Klub has been saving up the stones!
Twenty slingshots good as new!

Waldo Gavroche rushes in shouting. As usual, nobody listens at first.

Waldo Gavroche
Breezy Joly
Twenty rounds each per every sling!
Waldo Gavroche
Hey guys, listen to me!
Old Joe
Prob'ly doubled at Butch's Klub!
Waldo Gavroche
Hey! Listen everybody!
Old Joe
Seven cannons he's pointed our way!
Waldo Gavroche
General peace is dead! Butch wants more marbles. He's ready to fight for them!
Spanky Enjolras
Alright men, let's get him!.
Butch! His anger spells the hour of fate.
The people rise.
His wrath is the sign we await!
The time is near!
Let us welcome it gladly with courage and cheer
Let us take to the streets with no doubt in our hearts
But a jubilant shout
Kids will come one and all
Kids will come when we call!

Do You Hear The People Sing?

Spanky Enjolras
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a rally cry again!
It is the recoil of the kids
Who rebel against Butch's men!
When the release of a hawk
Chases away the last few doves
There is a life about to start
For we've had enough!
Will you join the marble crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond these Klubhouse walls
Is there a world you long to see?
Then join in the fight
That will set your life bully free!
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a rally cry again!
It is the recoil of the kids
Who rebel against Butch's men!
When the release of a hawk
Chases away the last few doves
There is a life about to start
For we've had enough!
Will you give all you can give
So that our marbles may be kept
Some will fall, think of it
Will you stand up and take your chance?
The skin on your knees
May be thinner than the cloth of your pants!
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a rally cry again!
It is the recoil of the kids
Who rebel against Butch's men!
When the release of a hawk
Chases away the last few doves
There is a life about to start
For we've had enough!

Cosette stands in her garden on Burbank's west side. She stands amid the poppies that she planted so very long ago... in the early spring... before Butch's tyranny.

She mourns her passing youth... she bemoans her fate at Butch's hands... she ponders... her destiny

In My Life

Darla Cosette
How strange
This feeling that peace is ending so fast
Butch brought change,
Can hopelessness be this incredibly vast?
What's the matter with you, Cosette?
Have the marbles of childhood been too long gone?
So many things unclear
So many things unknown.

In my life
There are so many questions, few answers
That I've ever known
In my life
There are times when I pine for the moments
When I was unknown
And the youth
Of my world that quickly leaves me
Out of time
Just a whisper away
On the screen.

Does Alfalfa know I'm alive?
Would Butch notice if I failed to pay?
Does he count all those marbles?
Does he take time to play?

On the screen
Alfalfa has promised stardom untold
Now the stage fills my life...
Silver screen beckoning...
Find me now, find me here!

Alfalfa Valjean
Dear Cosette,
You're such a lonely child
How remarkable, yet sad you now seem
Believe me, were it within my power
I'd fill each marbleless hour
How sad it must really be, on the screen
Waiting to film the next scene.

Darla Cosette
There's so little I know
I'm afraid to ask
A child well known, yet unknown passed
In a flash as the cameras rolled...
There's so little controlled
I have grown, my life shared by a public
Why think too long, what's gone is gone
I' ll always be six here
In the dark of the flickering screen...
The only memories I get to keep!

In my life
I have all that I want
But no marbles in pocket for Darla Hood
But Alfalfa Valjean, dear Alfalfa,
In your eyes, a celebrated child
Who is lost to the wolf

Alfalfa Valjean
No more words
No more words. For the show plays just in your head.
There are shows
That are better unseen,
Better unsaid.
Darla Cosette
In my life
How much I still yearn
For the innocence lost
That you still get to know

Jackie Marius goes into the garden, leaving Eponine outside the gate. He spots Darla Cosette and his heart pounds. Jackie has discovered girls.

One girl, at least.

A Heart Full of Love

Jackie Marius
A hand full of hope
A hand full of stones
I'm doing everything all wrong
Oh for Pete's sake
I do not even know your name
Won't you say?
Will you tell?
Darla Cosette
A hand full of hope...
Any fear? None, nope!
Jackie Marius
My name is Jackie Marius.

Oh, mercy!

Darla Cosette
And mine's Darla Cosette

You're cute...

Jackie Marius
Darla Cosette, I don't know what to say
Darla Cosette
Yes, I have that effect on attractive men...
Jackie Marius
I am lost
Darla Cosette

At your side, I'm your guide!

They tentatively hold hands and stare into each other's eyes. The moonlight adds a soft glow to Darla's wholesome face. Jackie grins broadly and leans forward to kiss Darla's cheek, whereupon he blushes deep crimson. Eponine breaks the magic of the moment by loudly clearing her throat.

Shirley Eponine
He was never mine to lose
Why regret what cannot be?
These are words he'll never say
Not to me...
Not to me...
Not to me...
His hand full of hope
He will never look my way...

The Attack On The Pie

Eponine stumbles off into the darkness. Passing Alfalfa's house, she spies Buckwheat and Porky lurking in the distance. They peer into the windows, eyeing the apple pie that Alfalfa Valjean's mother has just taken out of the oven. They both lick their lips in cruel anticipation of the hot pie being placed on the window sill to cool.

Shirley Eponine
Porky what are you and Buckwheat doing here
So far from the Klub?
Buckwheat -
The Injineer

This is his house
I've seen Alfalfa around
He wants this one for himself
His mom's the best baker in the town
I smell hot pie here!

Some weeks ago
He paid for Darla Cosette
I let her go for a song
It's time we settled the debt
This'll cost him dear

Porky -
The Gatekeeper

What I care
Who pie you wob?
Gimme me my shawe
Finish the job!
Buckwheat -
The Injineer

You shut your mouth
Give me a hand
What have we here?
Who is this girl here?
Porky -
The Gatekeeper

It's Shiwwey Eponine
Buckwheat -
The Injineer

Eponine, get on home
You're not needed in this
There's just enough pie for us two
Shirley Eponine
I know this house
I tell you there's no pie here for you
Just the old woman and the boy
They have ordinary pies
Buckwheat -
The Injineer

Don't interfere
You'll get no slice
Take care, young miss,
I won't play nice!
Porky -
The Gatekeeper

The'sh goin' thoft
'appens to all
Go 'ome, 'Ponine,
Go 'ome, you're in the way
Shirley Eponine
I'm gonna scream, I'm gonna warn them here.
Buckwheat -
The Injineer

One little scream and it'll be the last you ever hear.
Porky -
The Gatekeeper

What a pwobwem
What a dewemma
If we don't get dat pie
We won't 'ave no dinna
Not a thound out of you!
Shirley Eponine
Well I told you I'd do it, told you I'd do it...

Here goes nuthin' kids !

She screams out loud. Alfalfa's mother comes running, dropping the pie on the table. It's crust is cracked and ruined, but the pie, though decidedly ugly,
is still edible. Buckwheat and Porky run into the night.

Jackie Marius
It was your cry sent them away
Shirley Eponine saving the day
Dearest Darla Cosette - my friend Eponine
Brought me to you, showed me the way!
Someone is near
Let's not be seen
Somebody's here!

Shirley Eponine walks quietly into the night, vanishing into the now lowering fog. Marius disapears quickly as Valjean enters.

Alfalfa Valjean
Darla Cosette!
I heard a shriek in the dark
I heard the shout of hungry voices in the street.
Darla Cosette
That was my cry you heard, Alfalfa,
They tried to steal your mother's apple pie.
They ran away when they heard my cry.

Two mugs I saw beyond the wall
Two mugs in the shadows moving fast

Alfalfa Valjean
This is a warning to us all
These are the shadows of the past

Must be Butch Javert!
He's found my cover at last!
I've got to get Darla Cosette away
Before he returns for his marbles!

They both run to Spanky's Klubhouse where the rest of the gang has assembled to prepare for tomorrow's battle against Butch.

A revolution against tyranny.

End This Here

Alfalfa Valjean
End this here!
Another day, no marbles as my destiny.
This never-ending quest to keep my sanity...
Butch demanding marbles as gratuity
From the whole gang and me.
End this here!
Jackie Marius
I will not lose after today.
With no more marbles I'll be parted...
Alfalfa Valjean
End this here...
Jackie & Darla Cosette
Tomorrow we'll have time to play,
Butch's plans will then be thwarted!
Shirley Eponine
End this here, I'm on my own.
Jackie & Darla Cosette
Was meeting you my destiny?
Shirley Eponine
End this here if he's not caring.
Jackie & Darla Cosette
Aw shucks, Cosette, to be with you...
Shirley Eponine
What a life! I might have known.
Jackie & Darla Cosette
I'd fight Butch to be with you!
Shirley Eponine
Hmmmpf! He never noticed me!
Darla Cosette
The first smell of sweet obession!
Jackie Marius
My first chance to see your magic!
Shirley Eponine
From the moment that he saw her...
Jackie Marius
Your romance, my life is tragic!
Shirley Eponine
He never noticed anyone but she!
Jackie Marius
Do I stay? Would you let me care?
Shirley Eponine
Will someone once just notice me?
AllThe time is now, the end is here
Alfalfa Valjean
End this here!

They stand united in defiance on the stage of Spanky's Klubhouse. Shirley Eponine is feeling dejected but forces herself between Jackie Marius and Darla Cosette. Alfalfa steps foward and takes his place next to Darla Cosette, forcing Shirley Eponine to step away from Jackie. She notices Butch and Woim at the back of the Klubhouse, but doesn't say anything because she's now so angry. Butch joins in the triumphant swelling of the music...

Butch Javert
One day til their "revolution",
Woim we'll nip it in the bud!
We will teach these mugs a lesson
We will beat them down but good!
Alfalfa Valjean
End this here!
Buckwheat & Porky
Give 'em crackers through the day,
Watch 'em eat em up,
Sell 'em drinks of water,
Go on and make them pay,
Nickle for a sip
A penny for a touch
Make 'em all thirsty
They won't mind payin' so much!

Klub Members in the gallery (2 Sides of the Klubhouse)

Left Side

Put an end to a new

Right Side

End his tyranny this night!

Left Side

Keep your marbles safe with you!

Right Side

Keep your marbles safe with you!

Left Side

Butch's reign has reached it's ending

Right Side

Silver $hooters for everyone!

AllDo you feel Butch's sting?

Jackie Marius now rushes to Darla Cosette's side, pushing Alfalfa and Shirley Eponine aside.

Jackie Marius
My place is here, Darla Cosette with you!

Both Shirley Eponine and Alfalfa Valjean are shocked at these words. Alfalfa begins to protest loudly, but his wails go unnappreciated by all but Shirley Eponine.
Alfalfa grows more defiant!

Alfalfa Valjean
End this here!
Jackie & Darla Cosette

I did not know you til today.

Shirley Eponine


You should have stayed on the silver screen.

Jackie & Darla Cosette

How can I live if we are parted?

Butch Javert


I will take these people's marbles
I will make their aggies all my own

Alfalfa Valjean


End this here!

Jackie & Darla Cosette
Tomorrow will be child's play!
Shirley Eponine
What a life, I might have known!
Jackie & Darla

With you my life has reason...

Butch Javert


One day til their "revolution",
Woim we'll nip it in the bud!

Buckwheat & Porky

Watch 'em eat em up,
Go on and make them pay,
Make 'em all thirsty
They won't mind payin' so much!

Alfalfa Valjean
Tomorrow will be child's play,
Tomorrow Butch's judgement day
All Tomorrow we'll discover
Where our marbles have been stored!
End this here
End this here
End this now!

The curtain falls. Butch and Woim are seen running out the backdoor of the Klubhouse.

Alfalfa Valjean
Say Buckwheat, why weren't you and Porky watchin' the door?

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