Act I (Purformed in Americun!)

Original Les Misérables By Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg
Original Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer

This non commercial interpretation and all lyrics in satire and parody

© 2003 by William P Cary

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Act I
Prologue - Merry Go Round Work Song
Alfalfa Arrested, Alfalfa Forgiven
What Have I Done? (Valjean's Soliloquy)
At The End Of The Day
I Dreamed A Dream
Lovely Fantine
Fantine's Arrest
The Runaway Cart
Who Am I? (The Trial) Pt.1
Who Am I? (The Trial) Pt. 2
Come To Me (Fantine's Death)
The Confrontation
City Emerald Green
Conductor Of The House
The Bargain
Buckwheat's Waltz Of Treachery
Look Down
Spanky's Klubhouse - Black And Blue
Do You Hear The People Sing?
Rue Plumet - In My Life
A Heart Full Of Love
The Attack On The Pie
End This Here!

Act II
At the Barricade (Upon Sticks 'n Stones)
On My Own
I'm Banished
Upon These Stones - At The Barricade
Javert's Arrival
A Little Pie Meringue (Eponine's Death)
Morning Of Anguish
First Attack (Marble Prose)
Drink With Me (The Aftermath)
Bring Him Luck
Dawn Of Anguish
The Second Attack
The Final Battle
Butch In Control
Set - Match - Game
Butch Javert's Confession
Empty Purses, Empty Wallets
Spherie Babies At The Feast

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