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Tommy `Butch` Bond


Les Misérascals is dedicated to Tommy Bond, the alpha-male Rascal.

Butch frightened generations of children world wide. Bond's portrayal was so convincing that the sound his voice can make grown men cringe.

Bond portrayed Butch with gusto, bravado, and venom. Yet, Butch had heart, his character was never cruel or mean spirited.

Butch epitomized our greatest fear : survival in a hostile world.

The goal of Les Misérascals is remembrance of the freedom of romance in an era long ago. An era when life was at a gentler pace... when people actually held conversations with their neighbors. When neighborhoods were just that. When no one was scared to merely let children play outside.

Tommy Bond, thank you for years of delightful entertainment.

I also wish to acknowledge the inspiration and guidance of people whose encouragement to continue helped bring Les Misérascals to fruition.

  • James Center ~ Ohio
  • Don Green ~ Indiana
  • Gail Sisson ~ Kentucky
  • Jerry Jackson ~ Ohio
  • Jim Kennedy ~ New York & The World At Large

All things are possible if you keep track of a good gang of Rascals!

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