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Through Him, All Is Possible...

To Our Heavenly Father

Be The Glory

St. George's Cathedral, Bar & Grill was begun in late 1997. The project was planned around the first song written, "His Love Did".

The second song, "Welcome To St. George's Cathedral, Bar & Grill" helped frame the project, setting the locale and establishing what characters would be developed. The original concept was meant to be a night in a bar with my idol, George Jones.

Each new song told about another bar patron.

The gospel oriented songs started with the rewrite of "His Love Did" as "His Love". Using the same melody and tempo, I rewrote the song, this time as an Easter song centering on the story of the crucifixion. From then on, many of the songs on the "St George's" project had religious overtones.

I took the songs for the project and tried to write a novel around them.

It didn't work. The original storyline and concept was muddled.

During the summer of 1998, I worked on demo tapes of my material with the help of two great friends, Jeff Hogrefe and Ron Potrafke. While their playing is quite accomplished, my vocals did not fit the songs.

We tried, but it did not work.

The project was shelved until I could "Believe" in myself again.

A great deal of my inspiration to complete the project came from three individuals and I must thank and acknowledge each of them publically.

First, I must thank musician Ron Worrell, who first inspired me to try my hand at song writing.

While having dinner with him in Nashville in the summer of 1996, he asked me what I did for a living. "Well, I sell shoes..." Then, he asked me a very simple question, "Yes, but what do you want to do...?"

I did not answer the question that night. I had no real answer.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I decided to try writing song lyrics. Ron encouraged me to go back, refine, reword, and rework each song. His advice was that "Great songs aren't written, they are rewritten."

Without that first simple question, this project would not have started.

Thank you, Ron.

Thank you for guiding me to find this path of my life's journey.

Second, I have to thank my friend, Jerry Jackson, who challenged me to complete the project and who encouraged me to start the project over after the first attempt failed.

I had most of the songs completed and wrote the novella around the lyrics, weaving the characters into a grand soap opera.

Jerry read my novella for "St. George's." He truthfully told me that it would never work as I had written. Without criticizing, he urged me to try again, providing a sparkling piece of inspirational guidance. He said, "It's your story, you tell it the way you want it told."

Thank you, Jerry.

Thank you for advising me to continue without compromise. I took your advice to heart. Thanks to you, I did not give up.

Third, I must thank Cher, who inspired me during a televised interview.

I had been frustrated by initial efforts to get my music recorded. I don't sing or play any instruments. Early efforts to record my songs proved fruitless. The novella was not working.

Cher provided the determination I needed to complete the St. George's concept when I heard her on VH-1. She said in the interview about her single Believe, "If you're waiting for family or friends to encourage you, you might as well give it up now. It'll never happen. They'll tell you that you can't simply because they can't. Just do what you have to do and try your best."

Yes, it is simple advice, but hearing the way she said it clicked with me. I knew that while I could not sing or write a novel, I could create and share the beauty of St.George's in another medium... as a website.

My characters and their message would be heard after all.

Thank you, Cher.

Thank you for inspiring me to get up and run down the path that Ron and Jerry first started me on some time ago.

If you believe, there's life in His love...

W. Paul Cary