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I Loved You

I Loved You

I Loved You

Jerry looks pitifully sad beside his now empty booth. I know he needs Gail and longs to be with her. She just demands her space and wants an occassional freedom that Jerry can't readily forgive.

Jerry moves to the end of the bar.

Unattached males tend to wind up there...

I feel empathy, but what can I do?

Judy Wilson is chatting with Jenny Nething by the pool table. Jenny dropped out of school after her parents were killed in a farm accident. She had to take on adult responibilities at age sixteen. Betty and I helped her out as much as we could, giving her a place to stay and a meal when she needed a hand. She later repaid me by helping me cope with the loss of Betty.

Jenny still has a lovely smile that with a wink can melt a man's heart.

Judy looks like a hungry predator. She's chatting amiably with Jenny but I can tell her heart is elsewhere. Her eyes wander around the bar, rating each man's potential.

Who knows, tonight she could be the wolf ready to pounce.

Bob sits by the jukebox sipping a wine cooler. He's a single man and would be a good catch for Judy. I've heard him tell how lonely he was since Mary left.

I ought to introduce them, but I'm just a bartender, no matchmaker.

Separately Together

I felt a tear
Fall down on my cheek
As you turned and walked away
No words left to speak
No hurt left unfelt
A tender last chance died away

I didnít say
What I needed to tell you
No pointless baggage left in your way
No words left to speak
No hurt left unfelt
But no love escaped my heart today


I just donít want to see you go
Itís a memory I donít want to hold
Take my heart, you have my soul
Theyíre yours and yours alone
Donít tear down their empty home

We shared all the love two hearts could give
Deep in my soul, I hold you close
You took something here of mine
And when you walked out of my life
I loved enough to let you go

end chorus

I stare at the door
Stunned blind in silence as you
Swiftly turned away
No fleeting last chance
I would melt in your arms
As we loved another night away

I face my life
Empty and quiet and my
Thoughts race to break open the door
With your knock I would speak
With your word ice would melt
But I loved enough to say no more

repeat chorus

Lyrics Copyright 1998-2000 by

W Paul Cary

CARCEN Productions